Amazon今天闪售!Hoover 强力吸尘器几乎半价!优惠价$179.99,包邮!比原价低$110.00!

amazon-hoover-max-vacuum之前的特价吸尘器不够强力?洗不走部分的顽固尘堆?这一台Hoover 强力吸尘器估计会十分适合你!无需任何垃圾袋,直接插上电就可以开始使用!




  • Three channels of Windtunnel Max Technology that removes more embedded dirt and minimizes blowback and scatter on carpet
  • Multi-cyclonic technology features 12 cyclones to separate fine particles of dirt which means less frequent rinsing of the filter
  • Maximum 15-Inch cleaning path with 7 floor settings allowing you to clean the whole house, regardless of the surface
  • Maximum 28-Foot cord rewind at the touch of a button
  • On-Board tools that inclue a 12-Inch crevice tool, Upholstry/Dusting Brush, and a 24-Inch extension wand




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