Best Buy Recycle & Save活动

best-buy-recycle-and-save家里是否有些电器已经用不上?例如TV, 电脑,相机等等。

如果不想单纯放在家里封尘,也许可以考虑拿到Best Buy 参加他们的Recycle & Save 活动。

即日起,到Best Buy的实体店内可以参加他们的Recycle & Save Event。

只需带上你家里不需要的电视,电脑,数码相机,MP3或任意其它的电器到Best Buy,Best Buy就会回收电器,并且在你购物的时候给你一个优惠价格。




Recycle your old electronics at Best Buy and get additional discounts on your purchases. Bring in that TV, computer, digital camera, MP 3 Player other device that’s sitting around gathering dust. By disposing of your unwanted devices responsibly, you’re also helping to divert electronic waste from landfills.

April 19 – April 25, 2013
In-Store Only

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