Cineplex Scene卡会员在Winners购物购满$75可以得到500 Scene points


现在到Winners购买货品购满$75,你就可以得到500 Scene Points。


  • 8月12号至9月8号之间,在WINNERS使用$75以上
  • 在付款的时候给售货员查看Scene pin Card(注意,你需要把收据收好,你将需要用它来取分数)
  • 在9月30号之前在 Redeem你的分数。 分数将会在24小时内自动加入。




Spend $75 or more at any WINNERS store between August 12 and September 8, 2013

Show your SCENE card at checkout to get a SCENE PIN card.
Important – keep your receipt! You’ll need it to deposit your points.

Redeem your PIN card by September 30, 2013 at to receive 500 SCENE points. Your points will be added within 24 hours.

Happy Shopping!

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