Future Shop购买Nintendo 3DS XL-Mario & Luigi 版本套装$199.99

3ds-xl-special-mario有没有和小编一样一直想要买一台3DS XL,但是一直没有买下手?

现在到Future Shop购买Nintendo 3DS XL套装,而且是Mario & Luigi版本的主机套装只需$199.99!



More Information

Includes special edition Nintendo 3DS XL, 4GB SD card, stylus, manual, AC adaptor, and 6 AR cards
Includes pre-installed copy of the game ‘Mario & Luigi: Dream Team’
Both screens of the 3DS XL are 90% larger than the original 3DS, providing an incredibly immersive 3D gaming experience
Use the stylus on the bottom touchscreen to control games, and immerse yourself in the beautiful 3D visuals of the top screen to give your gaming world true depth (3D effect can be adjusted in intensity, or turned off completely)
Enjoy up to 6.5 hours of battery life playing 3D games, and up to 10 hours of playing standard 2D DS games
Connect to friends, other players, or wireless hotspots with the wireless StreetPass and SpotPass communication modes
Built-in motion and gyro sensors react to your every move as you tilt and twist the unit
Circular directional pad offers a full 360-degrees of movement for easy navigation in 3D worlds
Access fun camera functionality and games with one camera that points at you, while another two cameras face outwards to capture 3D photos and videos
Compatible with playing Nintendo DS games with original 2D visuals
Utilize built-in parental controls with ease
SD memory card slot (4GB SD memory card included)


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