TigerDirect.ca Intel Core i5-3570K 4核中央处理器 3.40GHz $169.97

TigerDirect.ca现在抛出一个Intel Core i5的中央处理器,原价$264.99,现在优惠价$169.97,虽然价格不如在黑色星期五那个时候看到的$149那么给力,但是这个价钱还是低于普通的MSRP(Manufacture Suggested Retail Price,厂方建议零售价),如果你需要升级电脑的处理器,或者你在DIY一台,不妨考虑一下这个处理器。这个CPU不是OEM,是有零售包装的unlocked版本。

忠告:数量有限,欲购从速!不过我们给的建议是,先去NCIX或者Memory Express做个Price Beat,能够本地购买,不但可以更加便宜,而且不用支付运费


  • 3.40GHz Quad-Core Unlocked Processor; efficient, high-speed performance for your applications and tasks
  • Intel® Turbo Boost Technology; boosts performance up to 3.80GHz when you need it most
  • Intel® Virtualization Technology; optimizes resources for better, smoother output
  • Intel® Smart Cache; increases the accessing speed and efficiency of each processor core with  6MB Cache
  • Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology; delivers high performance while conserving energy

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