TigerDirect.ca购买ADATA 4G USB 2.0 USB只卖$4.97

tigerdirect-usb现在Tiger Direct的官方主页可以以低价购买4G的USB,只限网购。


牌子为ADATA,可惜只有USB 2.0,传输速度方面不算快,但一般使用的话还是可以接受的。




ADATA AC008-4G-RKD C008 Retractable USB Flash Drive
The ADATA C008 Retractable USB Flash Drive is a smart memory drive that you must possess for saving your tons of data! This sleek device transfers and hoards your data without the worry of losing it using its 4GB memory. You also need not bother about losing the cap since the connector is retractable. With just a push of your finger, the USB flash drive is ready to connect. It is USB 2.0 enabled that enables you to connect the drive even to high-end devices. Order the wonderful ADATA C008 Retractable USB Flash Drive and just plug and play all your data in no time.


Flash Specifications
Type USB Flash Drive
USB Standard USB 2.0
Memory Size 4GB
Dimensions (L x W x H) 2.35″ x 0.77″ x 0.37″

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