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Logix 64Piece Assorted Tool Kit
Find a handy tool kit for your home use with the Logix 64Piece Assorted Tool Kit. This Tool Kit comprises of 30 Piece Screwdriver Bits to cater to a wide range of repairing jobs. Equipped with a 6″ Adjustable Wrench to loosen or tighten a nut or bolt of different sizes, it proves to be of great use in various applications. It also includes a Mini Rat tool to remove a dead rat. Order the Logix 64Piece Assorted Tool Kit today and take care of your repairing work effortlessly.

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • 30 Piece Screwdriver Bits; for a versatile use with different types of equipment
  • 6″ Adjustable Wrench; allows tools to grip varied fastener sizes
  • Mini Rat tool; meant to pick up dead rat

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