Tim Hortons购买指定Small饮品只需$1

timhortons-a-dollar-drink-small现在到Tim Hortons购买Small的指定款式饮品只需$1。


指定款式的饮品有: French Vanilla, Latte和Cafe Mocha。


<strong>French Vanilla</strong>

French Vanilla

Enjoy comfort in a cup with the rich sweet taste of our French Vanilla.

<strong>Café Mocha </strong>

Café Mocha

Try our Café Mocha, a delicious mix of Tim Hortons premium blend Coffee and rich Hot Chocolate, with whipped topping and chocolate drizzle. An irresistible combination!



The perfect blend of premium espresso made from 100% Arabica beans and warm frothy milk. You’ll love our Latte for its milky coffee flavour and enticing milky froth on top. Available unsweetened or sweetened to your taste.



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