Tiger Direct Slasher优惠-iPhone 4/4s 外置电池加保护壳$19.97

tigerdirect-slasher-sale-power-case相信不少朋友已经十分关注Tiger Direct每天的Slasher优惠,经常会有不少实用的货品可以低价购买到。






DGM Power Case
Working with your iPhone®4 is easy now, thanks to the DGM Power Case! This power case proves to be a perfect bill for your costly iPhone4®s. Being slim, this case attracts anybody’s attention immediately. It has an anti-broken structure that prevents unexpected damage to the iPhone®4. You can increase the running time of the iPhone®4 to 200% using this case. This also offers protection against short-circuits. Its 4 LED lights alerts you of its battery status. You can charge or sync with iTunes without actually removing this case and its maximum battery capacity is 2100mAh. Get your DGM Power Case today!

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • iPhone®4 compatibility; perfect for iPhone®4
  • Slim and sleek; offers a chic look
  • Anti-broken structure; prevents accidental damages to the iPhone®4
  • 200% increase time; increases its efficiency
  • Short-circuit protection; prevents short-circuits from happening
  • 4 LED lights; shows battery status


Cellular Accessories GS
Accessory Type Cases
Chargers – Portable Battery
Compatibility iPhone® 4
iPhone® 4S

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