TigerDirect.ca: PNY Optima系列240GB固态硬盘 $109.97

KNY-102368829_gallery01_ds_gl_8945533TigerDirect.ca今天有一款PNY的Optima xilie 240GB固态硬盘(Solid State Drive )在促销。购买价格是$129.97, 需要做邮寄退款(Mail-in Rebate)退回$20,但是这个价格及时麻烦一点也是非常值得。

240GB来说,算是不错的主流电脑的起始容量,而SSD比传统机械硬盘性能快不少,如果你有一台相对旧的电脑但是又不想花太多钱换一台全新的,那么换一个SSD算是让你的电脑有脱胎换骨的性能飞跃。其中一位小编就这样子换了Macbook 的硬盘现在都应该两年内不用想换电脑。



  • 240GB storage capacity; provides enough space to hold your files and documents
  • Compatibility; works with PC and Mac® systems
  • SSD performance; operates better than a traditional hard drive
  • Transformative performance: dramatically faster than a hard drive
  • Nearly instantaneous boot times
  • 60,000 iOPS reads, 45,000 iOPS writes
  • Ample storage: with a capacity of up to 240GB
  • Compatible with any operating systems
  • Extensive quality and reliability testing built into every drive
  • Three-year limited warranty

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